What do we look for in lady patriots?

As a representative of the student body, cheer and dance teams must always present good behavior. Beyond being a good dancer or cheerleader, coaches will look for these qualities when selecting members of the squad.

School first is our policy. You must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and have no failing grades.

Team members must demonstrate leadership, excellent conduct, and a positive attitude at all times.

Be a spirit superstar! Maintain spirit unity and treat each other with respect.


Parent Meeting: Thursday, April 7
Room 200 | 6:30p

Optional Workshop: Thursday, April 28

Clinics: Monday, May 2 – 4

Tryouts: Thursday, May 5
Cafeteria | 2:00-5:30p

Current High School Students 2:00-3:30p
Incoming Freshmen: 4:00-5:30p

Tryouts Gear & Reminders

  • Participants must wear athletic shoes, navy blue shorts and a plain white t-shirt each day.
  • Hair must be pulled up and away from shoulders.
  • All jewelry must be removed.


  • Signed Constitution (Back page only)
  • Student Information Sheet
  • First semester report card or transcript to confirm 2.0 GPA and no F’s

*Athletic Packets are no longer required by our athletic office for cheer

Participants Who Make the Team

If you are placed on either team, you must attend a meeting this Friday, May 6 in room 209 at 2:00p for current LHS Students/ 4:00p for middle school students

First payment of $240 is due May 6 and can only be paid via cash or money order. Payments must be made in the athletic office between 7:00a and 2:00p.

Email Coach Thomas with questions or concerns.

Price Sheet/Payment Schedule

All Team Basics Cost
Spirit Pack (Practice Clothes) $150
Cheer Shoes $80
Cheer Camp $150
Warm Ups (Jacket and Pants) *Returners can reuse last year’s $150
Uniform Rental *Returners will not be charged this year $100
Cheer Bag $65
Pom-Poms $45
Bows $40
Spanks $30
Homecoming Jersey $35
Returner Total $595
New Member Total $845

Varsity/Competition Fees Cost
Uniform 2 *Returners can reuse their uniform from last season $270
Cheer Box *Returners can reuse their boxes $75
Competition Choreography and Music $130
Monthly Training Fee ($35 x 7months) $245
Varsity Returner Total *Excludes uniforms, warm ups and cheer box $970
(Moved up from JV) Returner Total *Excludes warm ups and uniform rental $1,315
New Varsity Total $1,565

Payment Schedule Due Date
Payment 1: $230 (spirit pack and shoes) May 6
Payment 2: $330 (camp, cheer bag, poms, bows, spanks)      June 6
Payment 3: (New Member) $285 (uniform, warm ups, HC Jersey)
Aug 9
Payment 3: JV Returner $35 (HC Jersey Only)
Aug 9
Payment 3: Varsity Returner $200 (HC Jersey, Choreo., Training x1)
Aug 9
Payment 3: New Varsity $570 (Same as above, plus uniforms, boxes)
Aug 9
Payment 4: VARSITY ONLY – $210 (Training x6)
Sept 6

Fundraising Information

It is our hope that no player who is on the team chooses not to participate because of financial considerations. To that end, we do plan to offer several fundraising opportunities to help offset fees. Our philosophy is, if you want to play and are willing to work hard there is a way to make it happen.

Funraiser Date(s) Goals
Spirit Shirt Sponsors 5/6-19 $5, $40 and $90 profit per sponsor
Firework Booth* 6/24-7/4 $20 per presale ($200 goal)
Car Wash 8/15 $5 per presale
*$20 per presale ($200 goal)

As a Liberty Cheerleader…

  • Your team comes first. You agree that the team is paramount. Your personal goals and your team goals do not necessarily conflict, but when they do, you accept that decisions made are for the good of the team.
  • Rules help the team run smoothly. Each player must decide if she buys into our system and is willing to commit to the team. Every rule is to benefit the team and you must decide, in advance, whether you are willing to abide by them. If not, you should not be part of the team.
  • Our team thrives on trust and respect. You must trust your coaches and your teammates and behave in a way that earns their respect. Without trust, our team is nothing. You must do everything reasonably necessary to make yourself and your team better.
  • Our athletes must be coachable. There is often more than one way to do things correctly. In some cases, your coaches will select a specific strategy for the benefit of the entire team, even if it doesn’t benefit a particular individual. You must be willing to make changes according to your coaches’ suggestions. If coaches seem to be “riding” you, it is because we think you are capable of a higher level of performance.
  • Our team works hard. Everyone wants to win, but few will make the sacrifices to do it. No one will give you anything in life – you must earn it. You cannot cut corners. Strive every day to improve.
  • Our team has balance. To balance academics, athletics, work and family, you must plan ahead and make difficult choices. The choices you make will affect your future opportunities.
  • Our team can be successful. Almost any obstacle can be overcome with hard work. Commitment, perseverance and responsibility will be rewarded.
  • Our team has fun. Cheerleading is a fun sport. You know you’ve chosen the right sport if you cannot wait to go to practice, and love stepping on the performance floor with your teammates every chance you get.
  • Our team passes it on. As you move through high school, share your new skills and insights with new or younger cheerleaders. Be generous with your time. Consider helping our new members, or coming back to help at tryouts. Be an active and involved Liberty alumnus.
  • Remember, Once a Patriot, Always a Patriot!

2016 Varsity Cheer Squad